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Web Design

Online marketing and having your own online presence can have a major improvement on your profits and will attract new customers. Your website promotes your business and a good eye-catching website that’s easy to navigate will attract new visitors that will allow your business to grow.

For any business the internet is essentially the best tool for all online marketing strategies, such as E-commerce, SEO and email marketing.

As a digital design company AJ Network & Web Services has many years experience in helping customers achieve expectations within their business and developing the skills to create stunning and affordable web design whether its a small brochure website to a large E-commerce website.

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The Web Design Process

Developing and creating a website to engage to your new and existing customers takes considerable planning and implementation. AJ Network & Web Services employs experienced and friendly web designers who will sit with you, to learn about your business, listen to your ideas about your project, discuss your business strategy, brand and technology.
We design websites for any businesses whether you’re a small company or a large business, we can create an attractive and effective website for your company and we understand that your website needs to engage your existing and potential customers.


Our websites that we have designed are tailored specifically for the companies, designed to be Search Engine friendly, fully compliant and accessible. We can help to make improvements and drive more business by updating your old website.

No matter what budget, we have a solution that can work for you so give us a call on 01744 603266.

Mobile Development

Accessible on any device

Modern smart phones with web browsers are capable of viewing any website, most sites are optimised for desktop computers with fast internet connections.

Responsive design

With mobile devices having smaller screens and use touch screen technology, the usability of a website can differ from a desktop computer. A solution to this is offer a second version of the website that is designed for a mobile phone.

Having a mobile version of your website will ensure that users get the best possible experience when they visit your website.

The mobile development system will automatically switch users to the mobile version of the site while using a mobile device.

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Content Management System

Content management system allows you to add, edit and delete content such as text, images and video. You can add new pages and create blog posts. A blog post is great for SEO where you can improve your website’s ranking on major search engines. CMS are also Responsive so you can make changes where you go on tablet or mobile device.

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WordPress is a free open-source content management system mostly associated with blogging but supports other types of web content. Used by over than 60 million websites and stands at the most popular website management system in use. Easy to use and training and support is available. Many web designers choose to use WordPress for content management system and blogging. Over the last few years it is now the most popular CMS.



Drupal is a free open-source content management framework and distributed under the GNU – General Public Licence. Drupal provides a bsc-end framework for at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political and government sites.



Joomla is a free and open source content management system for publishing web content, developed by Open Source Matters, Inc. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS.



Magento is an open source E-Commerce platform. More than 100,000 online stores have been created on this platform. The platform code has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and $155 billion worth of goods have been sold through Magento-based systems in 2019. Two years ago, Magento accounted for about 30% of the total market share.



Opencart is an online store management system, uses PHP and MySQL database. As of May 2016, 342,000 websites were using OpenCart.



WooCommerce is an open source E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. Designed for small to large sized companies using WordPress. Most commonly used plugin for creating E-Commerce websites.


BSB Sheet Metal Services

BSB sheet metals is a metal manufacturer based in Ravenhead, St Helens.

BSB had a website designed by another company many years ago, however during the design process they failed to contact BSB to finalise the website.

AJ Network & Web Services was contacted to help get their website live. I recommended a redesign to the website for many reasons. The old website was plain, outdated and lacked the functions to rank well in Google.

The process took five days to redesign and two hours to relaunch the website and submit sitemaps to Google & Bing. The website had one months free SEO service.

Skills needed:

• Website redesign • SEO

ST Electrical Services

ST Electrical Services is an electrical engineering company based in Parr, St Helens.

ST Electrical Services wanted to put together a social media page on Facebook and asked us to design and build to help promote jobs for ST Electrical Services.

Couple of years late ST Electrical Services wanted their current website upgrading. The design felt outdated and spelling mistakes from their previous designer was detected. The new upgrade process took around one month to put together before going live.

Skills needed:

• Website redesign • SEO

ST Recruitment Services

ST Recruitment Services is part of ST Electrical Services based in Parr, St Helens.

Six Months after completing the ST Electrical Services website, I was asked to create a website specifcally aimed at recruitment to not only electrical jobs but to other types of work and different companies under the ST brand. This process took at least one month to put together.

Skills needed:

• Website design • SEO

Our Price Guide

Basic Website


  • 5 Webpages
  • 5 Images
  • Mobile Responsive
  • CMS (Additional Cost £200)
  • SEO (Additional Cost From £90)
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Best Choice


  • 10 Webpages
  • 8 Images
  • Mobile Responsive
  • CMS (Included)
  • SEO (Additional Cost From £90)
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  • 15 Webpages
  • Custom Forms
  • Mobile Responsive
  • CMS (Included)
  • SEO (Additional Cost From £90)
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