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Getting on page 1 of google

The easy part is getting your website designed, created and uploaded, now how do you make sure that your potential clients can find you when they do a google search or other major search engines? You can achieve this by making sure your site is properly optimised for the search phases that your potential clients will be using.


How it works

Our partner uses a tried and tested method of increasing your website’s ranking by adding landing pages to the website for the areas/search phases you want. 

This method is called organic optimisation, but it doesn’t happen straight away, it can take a month or more for your site to show on the google results and there are no guarantees to the page rankings but they will ensure to get you to number 1.

Monthly optimisation service

Our partner can offer a Monthly Optimisation service to maintain the rankings achieved. Adding more landing pages each month with appropriate keywords to your site to keep it new and up to date, creating a rich content website. 

They submit new sitemap to major search engines to inform them there is new content on your website.

Search Engine Guidelines

We always use the best practices to help the major search engines find, crawl and index your site.

Monitor Results

You receive a monthly report that shows the work done in each particular month and a very detailed report from Google Analytics showing how many people visited your site that month, which keywords they used to get there, which pages they looked at and more. You have the ability to compare statistics by month and yearly to check how your site’s ranking is improving.


SEO costs less than most conventional advertising, our partner charges £129 per month for a basic package which is their lowest price per month. But with increased business you can quickly recoup the expenditure. For example if the site drops down the rankings, it is much more time-consuming and expensive to get it back up again. With all SEO, there is no guarantee of any specific result or ranking. But you can be sure that if your site is optimised, it will perform better.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Professional search optimisation for your website


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  • Achieve higher search rankings
  • Increase your website's traffic
  • Ongoing improvements to your content and code
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